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"When you're lucky enough to work with Agathe, you'll find that she commits wholeheartedly to what she does. Sure, she's a great camera assistant who takes full responsibility for her job, but it doesn't stop there. She never watches the clock. She has a big smile and a lot of heart. She loves cameras, and  shows up, early, with the manual printed out and neatly bound. She keeps her eyes open, and discreetly notifies you when you're missing something big. The set is always better because she's there. Just don't make fun of iphones, France, or Aaton cameras, and everything will be fine."

-MARK LYON, Director, Director of Photography

"I have been in the still and motion film business for over 20 years. It's truly a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Agathe Padovani. I met Agathe Podovani early on in her AC career through a director in Southern California. I needed help with scouting, casting and pre production for a still photography campaign I was starting in San Diego. The budget for the shoot was super tight and there wasn't any money to hire someone to do this work. Agathe enthusiastically volunteered to help even though this wasn't her forte as an AC and there wasn't money in the budget. She jumped into the unknown of taking care of pre production for the campaign. She not only created a spot for herself on our team for the rest of that shoot, but I have been loyally hiring her as an AC ever since. Her attitude and willingness to lean drove the process forward and was "spot on" for my expectations of what a great team should be like on a film production. Feel free to contact me anytime for any other information you want to know about Agathe."

-TOM SEAWELL, Director of Photography, Producer

"Agathe brings a wonderful calm to the camera department. In this ever changing world of film, HD, data, cameras & editing her knowledge, professionalism & great attitude makes my job much easier."

-TODD MCCLELLAND, Director of Photography

"There are certain people who bring contagious positive energy to a shoot - and Agathe is one of those. She's as much a pleasure to have on set as she is a comfort; her technical skill and attention to detail ensure successful results. She's one of the few Media Managers we found who has developed her own fool-proof system for transferring digital files while on location, which means we were practically ready to start editing before we even wrapped. With deadlines as tight as ours, she's proven to be an invaluable crew member."

-ALI SMITH, Producer

"I've produced a number of films with Agathe on my crew. Along with the experience and expertise she brings to the table, her overall great attitude and work ethic make 10-hour days fly by. The fact that she's easy on the eyes doesn't hurt either..."


"Agathe is always great to work with. She knows when it's time to work and when to have a good time. Agatha knows how to keep a smile and great attitude even throughout the most stressful moments on set.I would recommend agatha to anyone who needs someone who stays focused and isn't afraid to get in the mix."

-GREG FLORES, Grip - Rigging Specialist

"I had the pleasure of working with Agathe for a period of two years while operating  cameras on episodic tv shows. Agatha is a proud member of the International Cinematographers Guild and takes her craft seriously.  If you know her then I don't have to tell you how gifted and talented she is. Every job in the camera department is demanding and she has had them all. Director of Photography, camera operating, assisting, or running video village she does all of them with pride at any level and manages to have fun doing so. Agatha is a visual person and the images she puts forth are to say the least stunning.  You only have to spend a short period of time with her to know you want this person on your crew."

-BRUCE ANDO II, Camera Department

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